How to Defend Your Client’s Portfolio

The last 9 years have been historic. Markets have covered a big spread. From the low in 2009 to the current highs in October 2018 we have been able to see a historic rally in US stocks. An anticipated business friendly government along with years of stimulus and historically low rates have driven US markets to new levels. Whether or not this will continue one must think and pause to imagine what is next in store for us.

To make a comparison to something that touches all consider how you protect your family with a life insurance policy for yourself. Just in case the unthinkable happens. As we humans live longer insurance on life becomes cheaper all other things being equal. As volatility decreases similar term insurance for the stock market becomes less expensive. When markets are in a panic and everyone is selling this same insurance becomes more expensive.

Diversification provides insurance. Stocks and bonds don't correlate together in many instances and diversifying globally and in alternative markets also provides some insurance. But when there is liquidity crunches and other contagions there is no relief. This is where insurance comes in handy.

It is important to consider keeping insurance policies for your clients portfolio especially when they are cheaper along with insurance for your life. As markets move up and create wealth those that protect their wealth strategically sustain themselves and get through any surprises.

Protectio Investments is built to help institutions and financial advisors protect and grow their portfolios managing risk and opportunity.

We would love to work with you to defend and help sustain your portfolio.

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